No Bleeding Hearts Here

You heard about the Heartbleed bug, and probably got email from your email provider or other online entity instructing you to change your password. Hopefully, you heeded their advice. While the data on your Mac is safer than data on a PC, the Internet levels the playing field, and Heartbleed caused more than its fair share of havoc.

If you’ve had your computer serviced here at Simutek, you’ve probably heard us mention Backblaze for virtual backup of your data. While other online backup companies were being compromised by the Heartbleed bug, Backblaze was unaffected, and your data, payment information, and password were all protected.

Here’s what Backblaze had to say about the Heartbleed bug in their blog:

Backblaze is safebackblaze
The Backblaze website was never vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug. Your email address, password, credit card information, and all of your backed up data have always been safe. You do not need to change your Backblaze password.

A little more detail
The security bug was found in a particular version of an encryption library called OpenSSL. Backblaze never used that version on our website.

Most sites on the Internet were using the affected version, thus making it important to change your password once they patched their servers. Since Backblaze was never vulnerable, you can leave your password as is. Of course, if you prefer, you may change it as well.

Take a look at this list from CNET (they continue to update it as information becomes available) and make sure you’ve changed your password where needed, and stay safe.