All the news that fits

The news you already know (and some you might not):

Half the year is over.

We’re in Tucson “winter.” Very few people are seen walking outside in the sweltering sun, and monsoon season has officially started. Now we watch the dewpoint and anticipate rain!


Summer Solstice was last night (or Winter Solstice for those south of the equator), and we’ve got a Perigee moon (a.k.a. supermoon) on Sunday morning, when the full moon will be the closest to earth that it will be all year.

The news you might not know (and some you might):

Jake got engaged!

Tom rushed to the hospital yesterday to be with his wife who’s expecting their first child! We don’t know the status as of this writing, but our thoughts are with them.

Richard is undergoing yet another back surgery today. We’ll be keeping him in our thoughts as well, and hope for the best possible outcome.

Man, did we ever get treated this week!

We’d like to thank a customer who provided a phenomenal lunch extravaganza that had everyone smiling, chewing, and offering up many thanks.

We’d like to thank another customer who brought fantastic island goodies to provide stimulation, relax-ification, and spice-ification of the tastebuds.

Thank you both so much.

And to all our customers, thank you all for your ongoing support, fun visits, enduring our jokes, unexpected acts of gratitude and appreciation, and for bringing your computers here from the Islands, Scotland, and Bisbee when we know you could frequent a closer place (okay, except for Bisbee. We are the closer place). We’re happy and honored to be of service to each and every one of you.

We’ve been in business for thirty-three years and going strong, thanks to all of you.