The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles chair of fun arrived yesterday, and it went through rigorous testing in service before its debut on the sales floor…


In case you were wondering, David is testing the iPad steering wheel with a racing game. He won.

Ready for prime time, the fab car made its way to the sales floor, and––since there were no really short people around––it went through more rigorous testing:


Jake actually sat still long enough to lose miserably… oh, wait. His hands are still moving faster than the speed of light.


Finally, two really short people showed up, both wearing blue shirts. (It’s not the same person. Observe the leg length.) The first, not-as-short short person had fun racing, with his sister as back seat driver:


But, when the even shorter person got settled in for a good race, Rich––having not had a turn at the wheel––tried to bribe him with a quarter. He pointed to the candy machine to try to distract him. He was unsuccessful.


If you have very short people accompanying you to Simutek, know that you can place them safely in this car and it won’t drive away. And none of the staff will try to trick them into leaving it.