A little something for everyone

If you haven’t been into the store in recent months, you haven’t seen the transformation. It’s a big one, and things are still changing and growing daily.

We knocked out the wall and reclaimed our full space (some of you will remember that side as the service entrance), built a classroom and a refurbished section, filled it with fantastic computers (more coming… again!), and filled the walls of the main part of the store with products.

Our iPad center has four iPads on display: two iPad 4th-generations and two iPad minis, all in brand new display stands for maximum play. We also have an iNotebook on display, and if you haven’t seen one of these innovative pieces of technology, it’s really something to see and experience. The concept seems simple: you have a pen, paper, and an iPad. You download a free app and connect the iNotebook to your iPad via Bluetooth. You start writing on the paper with your iNotebook pen. Your notes are recorded live into a notebook you create and name, digitizing your musings in an app file.


We’ve also gotten in a number of new iPad and iPad mini cases, including an origami one that’s quite versatile. Everything iPad is now straight ahead when you walk in the door.

As for iPhones, we now have two full-length wall racks dedicated to cases and accessories for iPhone 4, 4S, and 5. Among our newest offerings:

Native Union POP Phone can be found at Nordstrom’s, Urban Outfitters, etc. for more money, but if you want value and the hottest new retro-tech accessory seen on the streets today, you might want to stop here first. (And yes, we’ve got gratuitous shots of celebs using these gadgets, and yes, we think it looks pretty kewl.) There’s a discreet button on the inside of the handle that allows you to answer and hang up calls without even looking, adjust volume, all the important stuff.


New cases for iPhones are all priced under MSRP.

Sneak Peak:

Brenthaven BX2 iPhone 5 Case

Your phone is safe and secure in this minimalist, protective, non-slip design with a convenient pull-out stand. Multiple colors available.


HEX Axis Wallet for iPhone 4/4S

This low-profile, stylish wallet for iPhone is so functional, it might just become your go-to case. Come on in and see the multiple colors and other HEX styles available.


There are plenty of Otterbox cases, too!


There’s a lot more lining our walls, so pop your head in some time and say hey! We’ll leave a computer on for you.